Families at Frost Town

Families at Frost Town

There were many families that made Frost Town their home. Some of the family names of early settlers include Wilder, Frost, Hall, Wilcox, Porter, Proper, Abbey, McGeary, Brown, Dyer, Hatch, and Macumber among others. Many of Frost Town’s former residents have descendants who still live in the region.

This image is a daguerreotype photograph of Isaac Wilcox and his family. The Wilcox family was a constant presence in Frost Town for over six decades. Isaac Wilcox and John Hall bought the sawmill properties from the Frost brothers in the 1840s. Given the technology of the photograph, it probably dates to the 1850s or 1860’s while Isaac and family were living in their home at the corner of Gulick and Frost Hill Roads. Ron Goodman, the owner of this image and resident of the region is the direct descendant of Isaac Wilcox. Image: Private Collection of R. Goodman, 1850s or 1860s.

Interviews with Frost Town Residents

Click under the name below to listen to voices of Frost Town’s inhabitants from recordings done by Mary Shedlock from 1979-1980. Many of these people were in their 80s and 90s in these recordings, meaning they remember the late 19th century and being in Frost Town. Hear about Frost Town from the people who lived it by just pushing the corresponding button!

Viola Ross Munger (Macumber Family) Interviewed in 1980 by Mary Shedlock

Francis Hall (Hall Family) Interview in 1979-1980 by Mary Shedlock

Herman Porter (Porter Family) Interviewed in 1980 by Mary Shedlock

Della Cooper (Macumber Family) Interviewed in 1979 by Mary Shedlock

Full recordings of these interviews are available upon request.

James H. Macumber was a Frost Town Resident for more than four decades. He lived from 1819 to 1896 and this image likely dates to the 1880s. He settled in the area around Frost Town in the 1840s and his family continued to live in the region until the 1920s. Image: Cumming Nature Center Mary Shedlock Collection, c.1880s.
This image shows Willard Ross and Evaline Macumber Ross on the left, along with Addison Daniels and Emma Macumber Daniels on the right. Evaline and Emma were both daughters of James and Rowena Macumber. Evaline and Willard were also the parents of Viola Ross pictured in this exhibit as well. This image was likely taken in the late 1910s or 1920s. Image: Cumming Nature Center Mary Shedlock Collection, 1910s or 1920s.
This image, probably from the 1910s, shows a young Viola Ross, who was the grandchild of James and Rowena Macumber, and daughter of Evaline Macumber and Willard Ross. Viola died in 1993 at the age of 105, and we have her voice preserved from recorded interviews from 1979-1980. You can listen to Viola talk about her memories of Frost Town above. Image: Cumming Nature Center Mary Shedlock Collection, c.1910s.
This image shows Della Macumber, daughter of Daphne Macumber and grandchild of James and Rowena Macumber. Della lived from 1870 until 1950 and called Frost Town her home in her early years. This photo is likely from the early 1900s. Image: Cumming Nature Center Mary Shedlock Collection, c.1900.
An image of Joseph Macumber, likely from the 1910s or 1920s. Joseph was the son of Royal Macumber and the grandson of James and Rowena Macumber. James is also pictured above, while Rowena’s grave is also pictured in this exhibit. Image: Cumming Nature Center Mary Shedlock Collection, c.1910s or 1920.
This early 20th century photo shows the Proper family with ties to both Frost Town and Gulick, gathered together for a family portrait. Gordon Proper was a minister in the region, and oversaw burials in Frost Town’s cemetery. Image: Private Collection of C. Clarke, c.1900.

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