Daily Life at Frost Town

Frost Town Archaeology has been excavating the Hall Residence and Macumber Residence since 2017. This page is dedicated to the material culture that has been discovered archaeologically and put on display as part of the “Frost Town: The History and Ecology of a Ghost Town” exhibit. The exhibit was designed and researched by Natalie Klein (Brockport ’24) and Evelyn Patterson (Brockport ’24) as part of a spring 2023 paid internship with Dr. Smith.

I: Daily Consumption at Frost Town

This display case is devoted to daily use items that are related to consumption, ranging from spoons and bottles, to pipes and plates.

II: Personal Objects of Frost Town’s Inhabitants

This display features personal objects of Frost Town, including shoes, buckles, buttons, and coins.

A collection of 20 buttons of various shape that were uncovered during the 2022 Frost Town season at the Hall residence.

III: Farming and Industrial Objects

The display below features tools that would have been seen around a Frost Town home, including saws, plowing equipment, shotgun shells, vices, and other equipment.

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